Trafoexperts Transformer Consulting Services

The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.

― Marcus Aurelius

Thankfully, our families and we are all healthy, and we have organized ourselves so that we are fully operational from our home offices.

We are also very thankful to our long time Customers for their ongoing trust in us.

The global travel ban due to COVID-19 is undoubtedly an obstacle for some of our services like design reviews, factory inspections, and active participation to factory acceptance tests.

Therefore, together with several transformer manufacturers and users around the world, we have already found new ways to carry out these services.

While technology is necessary to keep things going, I have seen that even more important is the will, common to all parties involved, to adapt and to refuse to let this pandemic stop us.

Contact us and, together, we will find the right solution for you!

Dr. Ing. Ugo Piovan

Dr. Ing. Ugo Piovan

Transformer Consultant
Trafoexperts GmbH

Turbinenweg, 4
8610, Uster, Switzerland