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AGECOAGECO is simply the most experienced in transformer on-site repair. AGECO gives you a competitive alternative to repair your transformer without the risks (and extra time) associated with transport back to the factory.



Center for Cross-Cultural Conflict ConciliationWhen a transformer fails, it often happens that the parties cannot agree on who is at fault. Then they turn to their lawyers. The resulting conflict can burn a considerable amount of money and resources. No matter who “wins” the court-case, the relationship is usually destroyed with serious damage to future business. Center for Cross-Cultural Conflict Conciliation provides a specialised alternative to litigation in court in order to save time, cost and the relationship.

Dr. Ing. Ugo Piovan

Dr. Ing. Ugo Piovan

Transformer Consultant
Trafoexperts GmbH

Turbinenweg, 4
8610, Uster, Switzerland