Transformer consultants you can rely on

Introduction To Services For Transformer Users

Transformer are expensive, however even more expensive is what is connected to them.
Losing your transformers means losing production, sometimes to the point of threatening even the survival of your company (or at least your job).

Through the services below, I can help you minimize troubles for your transformers (and yourself).

We have a strong industrial background so it is very clear to us that time is of essence and we strive to keep 100% on time delivery.

We also understand very well your need to keep things confidential and you can count on discretion (plus we are always ready to sign non-disclosure agreements).

Be proactive! Protect your investment through:

  • Factory Audits: Determine whether a factory is qualified to deliver transformers which meet your needs and have long time reliability.... MORE
  • Specification Review: Making specifications by cut and paste is quick but can prove to be very expensive. A proper specification review will avoid you expensive and unnecessary requirements while making sure that whatever is needed to get a reliable transformer is included.... MORE
  • Bid Evaluation: Make sure that what you are being offered by one bidder is really equivalent to the others so that you get get the best value for money .... MORE
  • Design Review: At this stage there is still time to detect and fix misunderstandings and design problems. Get the support of someone who has real design experience and will verify (not just review) independently the design with tools often more advanced than those available to manufacturers.... MORE
  • Acceptance Tests: The transformer has been built. Before it leaves the factory, it is necessary to make sure that it is trouble free by means of rigorous testing. Thanks to my experience in testing and design, I can support you in verifying the transformer reliability making sure that problems are spotted at this stage... MORE
  • On Site Testing: Asses the condition of your unit after an on site repair or transport... MORE
  • Diagnostics: Analyze your transformer life from design, to factory testing and DGA in service to asses the conditions of the unit... MORE
  • Seminars: train your people in transformer standards, maintenance, etc. with customized, on site courses... MORE

When things go wrong:

  • Failure analysis: Find out the root causes of a failure (whether they are internal or external to the transformer) to be confident that the repair will be reliable and final... . MORE
  • Support with litigations: provide your legal team with a third party independent opinion presented in a way understandable by non technical specialist... MORE