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Transformer Acceptance Tests

The transformer has been built.

Does it meet your specifications?
What about its reliability?

The only way to verify it, is through rigorous acceptance tests to identify problems before the transformer is delivered.

Anybody can witness tests and sign a test report (and many do it for very low fees).

However, simple witnessing acceptance tests, is not enough.

To successfully spot problems at test stage is necessary to be able to:
  • check how tests are performed
  • interpret the test results
  • know what to do if something goes wrong
This means that the person who is attending the tests on your behalf needs to:
  • be experienced in transformer design and testing and
  • have good knowledge of transformer standards
So, make sure that whoever is attending the acceptance tests for you has the right experience (do not stop at company names, ask for CVs of people taking your project).

Our service

If you want more than simple witnessing of tests (and you are willing to pay for it) then you can contact us.

We have (see more about us) what it takes to supervise (not just witness) acceptance tests on your behalf and spot problems before the transformer leaves the factory.