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Unfortunately power / electrical engineering is one of the least popular choices for university students. The results is that many power engineering departments are closing down.

In addition many transformer manufacturers moved their facilities from US and Europe to Asia with a consequent loss of knowledge during the transfer.

At the same time, new operating conditions (UHV applications, distributed generation, wind farms, FACTS, smart grids, etc.) and to the need for costs reduction pose new challenges to the reliability of transformers.

Whether you are a transformer manufacturer (who wishes to enter a new market segment) or an user, to be competitive, you need advanced knowledge to specify, design, build and operate your transformers reliably.

Our service

We can support you in training your people through our custom seminars on transformer topics (design, standards, maintenance, etc.).

Each seminar is unique. We build it around the specific topics of interest for you and we focus it on your audience (different people have different level of knowledge and needs).

For maximum efficiency, we can visit you and deliver the seminar at your facility.

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