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Transformer On Site Testing

Before energizing a transformer, a series of tests are normally performed on site (insulation resistance, oil breakdown voltage, etc.).

After a repair on site or some special event (like troubles during transportation) or simply negative results from the routine tests, it is necessary to carry out more rigorous testing to check the transformer reliability.

Local companies can usually provide testing equipment on site, however, quite often, the operators who bring the equipment, have limited knowledge about transformer testing (reading numbers from an instrument is not measuring).

Our service

Whether you wish to have a third neutral part involved, or simply avoid to have to divert your own skilled resources, we can support you with our expertise on site, by:
  • Supervising the tests set up and execution the measurements (many companies can rent you good instruments but, often, the operators who bring the equipment, know little more than the sequence of buttons to press)
  • Interpreting the result of each test in relation to the specific transformer being examined (a rectifier transformer with two active parts in the same tank will show different "normal* values from a power transformer)
  • Deciding which additional tests are necessary
  • Organizing these new tests based on what is available on site (tests which can be easily carried out in the factory can become quite challenging on site).
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