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Support for litigations involving transformers

In the moment you get involved in a litigation, the focus has changed from finding how to solve the problem to finding who to blame for the problem.

For each party involved, it is very common to overestimate the strength of its position and to underestimate the costs and duration of the litigation itself and the amount of internal resources needed to support the legal team.

When you are in a litigation, you are spending money AND you are not solving the problem which put the transformer out of service. Therefore it is important to end the litigation successfully as soon as possible.

The fastest way out to a litigation is a negotiated agreement.
However a good agreement must be based on proper technical understanding of what went wrong.
In this way, you will negotiate having a better knowledge of your real position in the dispute and of what is needed to solve the problem and put the transformer back in service.

Our service

In this situation, you can count on my status of internationally recognized expert (see about my participation in international bodies in my CV) to get professional, independent and confidential advice from me without having to strain your internal resources.

We can provide our service to one party or, better when there is agreement for a rapid conclusion, to all.

If, instead, the litigation continues, then we can support your legal team in presenting technical arguments in a way which is understandable to people outside the engineering profession.