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Transformer Failure Analysis

Once a failure happens, money is gone!

There is a huge pressure on everybody to repair (or substitute) the transformer as quickly as possible to get back in service.

Damaged parts are scrapped and there is a rush to manufacture new ones.

However, there is no safe and reliable repair without proper understanding of the reasons (many people stop at the first they found) of the failure.
Without this knowledge, additional failures may occur (and then there may not be any spare transformer left).

Whether you are a transformer user or a manufacturer, you cannot afford to miss the opportunity to learn why the transformer failed (internal problems due to design, quality, etc.) so that service can be restored in a safe and reliable way.

Unfortunately, in these situations, emotions tend to run high and people may be more interested in blaming a party instead of preventing new failures .
One of Murphy's laws states "a man who smiles when things go wrong knows who to blame" (but probably does not know how to get the transformer back in service).
Jobs are often at risk and it may be difficult to investigate the matter in a detached and rational way or, simply, there is no skilled manpower to dedicate to the investigation.

Our service

You can count on our skills, independence and respect of confidentiality to systematically investigate what happened and discover the roots of the failure and prevent new ones.

The more information is available for the investigation the higher the chances of success. So when a failure happens:

  • Call us as soon as possible
  • Do not scrap any part
  • Gather as much information as possible about the failure (protection recording, photos, etc.)
  • Get a copy of the factory acceptance tests and, if possible, design data.
  • Gather any results of tests on site (commissioning, DGAs etc.)