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Transformer Factory Audits

Globalization has reached the transformer market since long time.
It is now normal to receive bids or proposals of partnership from transformer factories previously unheard.
This is due to the fact that:
  • New transformer manufacturers in Asia are looking for customers worldwide
  • Established OEMs in Asia are under strong competitive pressure and need to develop their presence in other regions.
  • Well known multinational groups have opened new factories in Asia.
In any case, each factory has its peculiarity in terms of climatic conditions, tools, skills and culture of the workforce, experience in manufacturing specific types of transformers (e.g. long experience in building power transformers does not help much when it comes to rectifier or furnace transformers).

Therefore, the fact that a factory belongs to a certain group, does not guarantee at all that it will be able to deliver a reliable transformer which fits your specific needs.

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