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Transformer Diagnostics for Users

There are several entities providing to transformer user a wide range of diagnostic services like:
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
  • Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)
  • Dielectric Spectroscopy
  • Polarization / Depolarization Current Analysis (PDC)

Laboratories providing these services are usually quite competent in measuring techniques but not in transformer design. The acceptance criteria they use have been mostly developed through statistical analysis of large populations of similar power transformers.

Such a generic interpretation will limit greatly the usefulness of these tests, because transformers differ greatly by design, application and operation (power, generator step up, furnace, rectifier, cycloconverter, etc.).

An additional limitation is that, normally, who provides diagnostic services makes you aware of a problem when what you need is a solution (not just a recommendation to do DGA more often). See our dedicated website to learn more.

Our added value

Thanks to our experience in transformer design, construction and failure analysis, we can support you by:
  • Interpreting diagnostics tests results taking into account the peculiarities of your transformer.
  • Identifying and carrying out actions to solve the problem revealed by the diagnostic tests.
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