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Introduction To Services For Transformer OEMs

Competition in transformers market grows continuously. Manufacturers are under ever increasing pressure to reduce costs significantly and shorten delivery times. All this with fewer resources because of limits on hirings or, worse, because there are no transformer engineers to hire.

Through the services below, we can help you keep your resources focused on everyday production and make them more productive.

We have a strong industrial background so it is very clear to us that time is of essence and we strive to keep 100% on time delivery.

We also understand very well your need to keep things confidential and you count on our discretion (plus we are always ready to sign non disclosure agreements).

Avoid costly and time consuming disruptions to your team through:

  • Design Analysis: Complex 2D and 3D Finite Elements simulations of electric, magnetic and thermal fields for the verification of insulation and calculation of losses, forces and temperatures.... MORE
  • Failure Analysis: Find out the root causes of a failure (whether they are internal or external to the transformer) to execute the repair with confidence... MORE
  • On Site Testing: Asses the condition of your unit after an on site repair or transport... MORE
  • Diagnostics: Analyze the transformer life from design, to factory testing and DGA in service to asses the conditions of the unit... MORE
  • Support with litigations: Provide your legal team with a third party independent opinion presented in a way understandable by non technical specialist... MORE

Get more out of your engineering team thanks to:

  • Design Tools: Use the power of field simulations for accurate calculations without the need of deep knowledge in physics and numerical methods... MORE
  • Seminars: Train your people in transformer design theory, finite elements methods, standards, etc. with customized, on site courses... MORE