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Transformer Design Analysis

WIth the software and hardware tools available today, it is possible to verify the performance of the transformer before building it.

An example is the 3D simulation of stray losses and temperature distribution on a rectifier transformer for aluminium smelter with 80 kA LV current. This simulation allows for the verification of the presence of tank hot spots. These hot spots may deteriorate gaskets of the tank cover or of busbars, causing oil leakage and the transformer would need to be taken out of service. The direct and indirect costs of this type of outage are order of magnitudes bigger than the cost of a study.

However, to perform these advanced simulations, it is necessary to have both skilled resources and the time and tools to dedicate these resources to these tasks.

My service

With our experience and the high end simulation tools which we use (Infolytica) and develop, we can perform very advanced design analysis. See a partial list below. If what you need is not listed, then ask us anyway and we may be able to support you.


- Generator Step Up
- Electric Arc Furnace
- Rectifier
- Statcom
- Cycloconverter
- Voltage regulation
- Power electronics


- Shunt
- Series
- Saturable reactors (for DC voltage regulation with diode rectifiers)

Active part with:

- extended delta windings
- zig-zag windings
- multiple coils in parallel
- foil windings
- 3D tap leads
- magnetic shunts
- Cu/Al flux shields
- single and double cores
- gapped core
- frame core
- coreless coils

2D and 3D Analysis:

Insulation systems

- AC and DC (transient too)

Load loss, circulating currents and hot spot

-Windings (with harmonics too)

Stray losses and temperature

- Tank
- Clamping structures
- Flitch plates


- Short circuit / Zero sequence

Electromagnetic forces

- Short circuit
- During inrush (with 1 and 2 cores)